Venter Runs Continuously

Upon a satisfied call for heat, the venter motor should shut down after post-purge. If it does not, follow these steps:


1. Remove wire from terminal A or #1 (call for heat signal) and wait for set post-purge length.


 - If the venter shuts off


     The call signal is either constantly or intermittently feeding the UC1. Focus your troubleshooting efforts on the call signal prior to the UC1 (some programmable thermostats bleed power which can signal the venter).


 - If the venter does not shut off


     Verify the motor leads are connected to N (white) and MTR (black). If they are not, wire correctly and go back to Step #1. If they are wired correctly, replace the UC1 (P/N 950-8804) as the motor relay is stuck closed.