Not Turning ON

1. Unplug the LB1.

     Let it sit for 5 minutes to clear the memory from the board. While the booster is

     unplugged, be sure the lint trap is clean, the dryer is empty with the door shut,

     the vent pipe is cold and that the outside hood has no lint holding the flapper



2. Plug the LB1 back in.

     It will turn on within 30 seconds and run for approximately 20 seconds. After it

     shuts down, let it sit for an additional 5 minutes to store the pressure settings in

     the memory of the board.


3. After the 5 minutes pass, load the dryer with towels and turn it on a heat cycle.

     This will cause a big pressure change and turn the LB1 on.


4. Once running, allow the dryer and LB1 to run through their full cycle and shut

     down automatically. Stopping either one prematurely will cause the PRC

     Control to improperly learn the sequence, affecting future performance.