Not Turning ON

For models V1, V1D & V2D


If the temperature in the crawl space has dropped below 35F, the safety thermostat will turn the power off. The temperature must then rise above 50F for the power to be reinstated.


Below 35F;

     Wait until temperature in space rises above 50F.


Above 50F;

     Disconnect from power source and remove wires from the thermostat. Check

     for continuity across the thermostat. If there is continuity, thermostat is ok. If no

     continuity is present, replace thermostat.


NOTE: If temperature in space is hovering around 50F, blow warm air on the

junction box holding the thermostat. It is common for this to engage the thermostat and ventilator.


For models V1D & V2D only


First, follow above steps for thermostat troubleshooting. Once thermostat is deemed ok, continue below.


If the temperature is above 50F, the humidity must be above the setting on the dehumidistat.

i.e. If the dehumidistat is set at 50%, the ventilator will be running at any time when the humidity level is above 50%.


Humidity Below Setting;

     Wait until humidity level rises or turn dehumidistat dial down to lower setting.


Humidity Above Setting;

     Check for power on ventilator side on dehumidistat and a line voltage neutral to

     verify power is passing through dehumidstat. You should measure 115v.


If no power is present, replace dehumidistat.

If power is present, replace fan(s).